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  • Behind the Scenes at the Image Casting Workshop

    Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes here at Image Casting? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the place where your memories are immortalised into beautiful baby keepsakes.

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  • Beautiful Resin Casts for Older Children and Babies Alike

    A resin cast is the perfect way to mark the first steps of any growing family. Sentimental baby keepsakes can be created of the moment where family bonds are formed with big brothers and sisters.

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  • Real Bronze Baby Feet

    Real Bronze Baby Casts

    Image Casting is pleased to announce the reintroduction of real bronze casts alongside our resin baby hand and foot casts. The beauty of real bronze is its durability.

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  • A Right Royal Baby Foot Cast

    The birth of the royal baby is possibly the most keenly anticipated event of 2013, and could be the most eagerly awaited birth ever. Here at Image Casting, we’d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of Baby Cambridge on 22 July.

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  • Home casting session

    What happens at the Casting Session?

    Creating baby hand casts or baby foot casts is a simple, comfortable process for parents and babies alike. Here’s how a home visit casting session works.

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  • Baby foot cast

    Other Things We’re Asked to Cast: How Unusual Christening Ideas are Born

    Our baby keepsakes are bringing forth a whole host of ideas for modern Christening gifts, as well as unusual Christening-related uses for our hand and foot casts. Here’s what we get up to when we’re not creating traditional hand and foot casts.

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  • Casting Through History

    The importance of documenting life’s special moments using body castings has been recognised throughout history. Creating casts dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians, and has always been an intriguing way of capturing the precious details of one’s history.

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  • The Beauty of our Casting Kit

    Despite what you may think, our baby casting kit is straightforward to use and there are specific step-by-step instructions along with hints and tips for taking a good mould.

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  • Baby's First Christmas

    Baby’s First Christmas: How to Make it Truly Special for All the Family

    A baby foot cast or baby hand cast is the perfect way to celebrate your little person, or people, this festive season, and capture them just as they are on their very first Christmas.

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  • The Beauty of Resin Casts

    When it comes to casting materials, resin is unique due to the high level of detail it retains and because the casts can be framed and freestanding unlike plaster and real metals.

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